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Rakentamisen Laatu Rala Association has granted Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Ltd:
- A construction company qualification certificate
- A construction company operating certificate of approval
For further information on Rakentamisen Laatu Rala Association’s operations: www.ralacon.fi. It is our honor to maintain the high quality of work which our customers value. We are able to add value for our customers by specializing in our traditional areas of expertise. We develop our service together with our customers and a skilled network of subcontractors.

We can best serve our customers by constantly taking care of the enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff. Modern and efficient production methods complement the performance of a skilled staff.

The goals of quality management are defined in quality policy, which the company’s board has accepted. The company’s management sets along with the annual strategy some quality goals. The realization of these quality goals is monitored by various key figures.

Quality control and assurance at each stage of construction are part of a thorough quality management. The responsibility for carrying out quality control and assurance belongs to the line organization. Every employee in the company has the right and obligation to answer for their quality of work, and carry out the required quality assurance measures.

As a tool for quality management, there is a documented quality system. It defines in detail the actions and responsibilities of quality management and quality assurance. The functionality of the quality system is assessed and developed regularly in construction site meetings and in the board’s reviews. 

The quality system is described in a quality manual and in a separate operating manual. The quality manual defines the goals, responsibilities and surveillance of quality management. The operating manual includes the conduct and the associated procedures, forms and other tools. Other documents and sources to which the quality system documentation has referred to, constitute the reference material of the quality system.
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