Rakennusliike U.Lipsanen Oy
Lipatie 1, 76850 Naarajärvi
Europe, Finland
Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Ltd is a construction company which focuses on contracting. Its area of business includes building and restructuring public areas as well as commercial and industrial premises.
To achieve our goals we implement a quality policy which consists of specialization in the traditional areas of expertise, maintenance of staff professionalism and enthusiasm, cooperation and communication development of the entire construction value chain, and the use of modern and effective production methods.

Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Ltd guarantees its customers competitive, high quality and on time deliveries. We serve our clients individually not only as the main contractor but also as part of the building developer’s expert team. This ensures the client a functional building that they were looking for. We make every effort to ensure that all of the parties involved can assess the finished building proudly and be unanimous of the high quality.

Our company values are:
- safety                 -customer satisfaction
- quality                -profitability
PILARI - The customer magazine of Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Ltd

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