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Rakennusliike U. Lipsanen Ltd constantly develops areas associated with constructing in collaboration with its customers and partners.
Innovative market building

Market building has taken major steps ahead subsequent to various development projects, and the development continues. Our goal is to e.g. develop market building more and more towards module building. This enables the projects to be executed faster and more cost efficiently.

A new innovation: a transferable engine room, Moduls

A new innovation about a transferable engine room, Moduls, was a result of a client meeting.

The idea of Moduls is to place all of the market’s technical devices e.g. heat distribution and recovery system, refrigeration appliances, automation and control devices as well as the technical solutions associated with electricity and water supply inside a single steel frame.

Moduls is built and tested in the industrial building of Lipsanen. After that it is moved to the construction destination to its reserved place. Once it has been connected to the electricity and water supply network and to the piping, it is ready for action.

Module building reduces crucially the time used for constructing a project. The use and maintenance of machinery is facilitated. Furthermore, the smooth integration of technology represents significant energy savings for the store.

The new method guarantees the high quality of technical solutions and the reliability of the equipment. With an effective building process the functionality and life-cycle affordability of the building are ensured. With the mass production of the engine room and the constant product development, the price of the Modul is expected to decrease.

The Moduls have already been delivered to dozens of markets and ABC-service stations in Eastern and Southern Finland.

A patent has been applied for the transferable Moduls.

Moduls also for office and industrial buildings

The transferable Moduls is suited also to be a technical area for office and industrial buildings. Into the engine room can be included some technical functions of the building according to the preferences of the customer. These include e.g. ventilation, heating, heat recovery, automation and control technology.

Three compact Moduls were assembled in spring 2008 to Varkauden Taitotalo Navitas. In addition to the Navitas-estate we assembled four Moduls to Vähälä Terminal in spring 2011.
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